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Greetings my people it is now time for yet another blog post. As I woke up this morning and due to circumstances that I’ve been experiencing lately, I felt it heavy in my spirit to share something about challenges and the process of overcoming them.

Maybe you are someone who values physical exercise.

You understand the process of stretching and warming up and then jogging you know calisthenics and then lifting weights.

Basically the process of putting your muscles in your physical body through pain for the gain.

Well so it is with life when we find ourselves going through a painful process to overcome challenges and difficulties.

I wish I could tell you that it would always be easy but the reality is we grow through what we go through.

I love to talk and parallels in parables in order to illustrate a point.

The relationship between life and our challenges to overcome and the weight that is added when we are in the gym.

Is the uncomfortable process of lifting weights and added resistance and struggle to grow in our strength.

I can only imagine that challenges that a company like tree removal Lansing would face to uproot a large tree.

It is also important to note that it is through our challenging and sacrificing of things that we grow to appreciate them.

How can we appreciate being strong if we’ve never been weak before.

Is it even worth the fight?

Another important factor is to discern which challenges  deserve your time and energy.

Sometimes the very things that we are fighting to keep are the things that are necessary for us to lose in order for us to grow.

However I’ve learned that sometimes when you are fighting something that is not a part of the bigger scale of things than you can really repel what you actually are truly fighting for.

Maybe you wanted to open up your own business for so long you’ve had so many creative and inspirational ideas of how to service others, Yet somehow you become so ingrained in your current life situation and in your job which offers you a comfort zone, That you never put forth the necessary effort to pursue that dream and destiny.

Besides if it were easy everyone would be doing it right?

Then sometimes we also begin fighting due to our ego we begin to create challenges were there is not to one. We begin to get wrapped up in the who looks better in the who’s more important in the how dare they do this to me in on this and I’m that in your not.

And best believe the challenges that arise from ego are always the ugliest and painful.

And even as we are facing challenges in spending our strength and becoming tired and weary I come to tell you today.

A promise that I stand firm in I promise that I believe in a promise that I want to share with you.

That they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as Eagles, They shall run and not be weary they shall walk and not faint.

In conclusion I challenge you reader to not give up on your challenges that you’re facing, And to not be fearful from future challenges, But understand why you are being challenged and allow that to fuel your passion until you are in the new stratosphere.

I Challenge you

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