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A wise proverb once said That a man that has friends must show himself to be friendly And there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Growing up how I did I had to learn the importance of having the right people around you in your life.

It’s so easy growing up in a large family to realize that you have friends by default from your siblings.

I don’t know if you have any siblings yourself maybe have one or two or maybe 9 10 11 somewhere in the areas of myself.

I truly understand now that having the right people around you helps you to achieve mental and emotional balance.

Being able to have wise and solid counseling good advice and also to share what you learned.

But alas there is the other side of the flip side of the dark side to this equation.

When you realize that even as beneficial it is to have good people uplifting individuals in your life, the opposite is also true for destructive people who find their way into your circle of influence.

I’m sure we can all remember times grown up when our parents will tell us all don’t hang out with that kid they’re a bad influence.

There is a saying that goes something like you and your life experiences will total up to the five people that you spend the most time around.

Once we understand what is passed along and transmitted through fellowship and hanging out, we realize how very vitally important it is to be very mindful of who you invest your time in to.

I do believe that would benefit us to ask ourselves what about this person can I aspire to look up to, what about this person’s life can I learn from, What about their experiences, What are the fruits of the content of their character?

As well as questions is what can I teach them what can I add to their lives how will our interaction benefit the both of us?

Relationship Levels

It is become the case in my life that I’ve had to learn to categorize my interaction with the people around me.

There is no price tag on a valuable relationship and you cannot buy them anywhere not even a place like this!

First there are confidant’s so I’m able to be authentic and communicate on a deeper level because we understand each other for who we are.

It is said that if you find 3 confidants in your life then that’s a blessing.

Then there’s also the class of constituents, the individuals that yes they do love you but they are more so in your life for what you are about. Constituencies can be strong allies in accomplishing a task because they are on board for the same mission that you are.

Then finally there is the category of comrades. Individuals that may be in your life not necessarily for you or even for what you are for, But yet find common grounds with you because they are against what you are against.

So even as there is popular music by popular artist saying no new friends no no no haha.

We need to identify the role that we have in others lives and the role that they have in our lives.

And to cherish and prioritize and the relationships that really matter.

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