Excellence is the Standard


Perfection is not attainable,

but if we chase perfection we might just b be able to catch excellence... “Desire and the reason why is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”

Such profound truths found in this quote about the act of giving meticulous care and attention to even the slightest details of any undertaking also known as the word Excellence.

I believe to achieve the end result of something done an excellent way something extra must be applied to that work to explode it out of the realms of that which is ordinary.

How does excellent start how do some become adults with an aptitude for excellence while others don’t? What I have done is come to a conclusion from both my present and past experiences as well as stories of those who have also been in pursuit of excellence.

What I have observed is that the characteristics of excellence have to be instilled and impressed onto you when you are in your early formative years.

Many things we pick up from our parents in our early childhood examples and if we were born into an culture where above-average ethics and commitment and results were expected, Or even a scenario when we were being taught by a teacher a tutor or a mentor who was in our lives to prepare us for a high level of achievement.

I’m going to use an example of one of one of my favorite new school artist who is a great picture of this. He tells a story of his childhood in the interaction he had with his father as he received an award that he was nominated for Best New Artist of the Year.

He recounts his strict engineer Nigerian father and the response he had when he came home with a 98% test Looking for some praise and approval from his father about how good he did.

Yet to a surprise and shock his father was not amused he said in his strong native accent, ah ah where are the other two points? go and get them and bring them to me.

And so it is when a challenge of excellence is placed on the expectations of a young child it impresses them and stays with them.

And especially when it comes from the superhero that our fathers are to us, very few things would make us happier than to be recognized and rewarded by making them proud of us.

I believe that a characteristic of excellence is a common denominator ingredient that is necessary to be applied to make success of anything.

I love going into a great restaurant where the food in the whole environment was so well tended to You could taste the extra ingredient the extra love the extra detail that was put into the preparing of the food.

From your whole experience with the restaurant from the time you open the door into the time you sit down to eat to the time you leave, You get the general sense of the rewarding satisfaction of knowing that there were no cut corners to make this restaurant experience.

Just to prove that this principle applies to every industry let’s take a look at the automobile industry, Let’s just say that some sub par manufacturer released a line of vehicles, Now they might look good they smell good but come 30 days after you buy it and the right front wheel spins off on you while on the freeway, Now let’s call a tow truck service and come out of pocket with the expenses due to the fact that every detail was not set it to the right standards on the vehicle.

These are all different examples of the roots the importance and what happens without excellence.

Stay excellent my friends

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