Let’s make a Love Story


I said hey what’s up girl?

Yeah I rang last night as we message I know and then you said you got up early and then coming to get back at it, And I told you that I’m right on time that I’m on time that it was a different time line but I was there and I was in the area here we are, And here we are there we do no matter what you do it’s going to get ahold of you, grab a hold on you.

Jumping onto the drum sets and feel the rhythm and move with the groove with the motion of the ocean, I can feel the rhythm of your energy and I can keep up with the tempo. Hey woman who understands what it means to find a place in flowing into the order of the household, the order of the high frequency.

If you see what is the move going forward in God, in the faithfulness of the fruitfulness which are the fullness of the freedom of the feelings we have right now.

Call the police,, call the vigilantes,, I think the reporters would find it very interesting that this major move in regards to the matters of the hearts that we have guarded for our promise and blessing for all of these years, a testament of our bodies as the temples that we have given heed to thee O Lord^ to preserve for times such as these where I can be free from the bonds of my past mistakes and negative narrow examples, including the space of time when the creator of the Universe decided to send a warrior for her people given to gifted parents who passed down a legacy onto a beacon of life named Nahla Grace, an identity in which

inbreeds a character of fierceness and and gentleness, of love and forgiveness, of pain but also of promise, of process but also progress, we can now spend time contributing into the exhilarating and exfoliating experience of sharing parallel crossroads in our lives journey.

Wow, that is a deeply refreshing place to sit and be present inside of for a minute,,

And then the instinct get to kicking in, STOP looking over your shoulder, A Soul’Jah^ is sending the reverbs to the mixer to respond the delays before the parametric EQ balances the equalizer for sustained compression as the memory on the hard drive is specifically tailored to handle the requirements for this purposeful assignment and to the degree of how deeply this plays a art and a part in the defining features of my individuality in a culture of vultures and agendafied agencies out to make a killing in the game even if there’s some killing in the game.

3 guns two bullets one shot one goes off what does it do, I’m not sure, but I am sure that I am awake, and that if I keep playing with for, I will surely get burnt, but alas the time for games was spent learning.

Somebody better help me along the way before I release on how I feel, let me loose and find myself in them before I give myself away.

Even as I already can see that we can go far far deep away into the galaxies of each others internal universe of divine likeness.

Man that girl looks good,,

She’s got class and style, I can’t stop talking about her reality and the excitement of finding simulated pleasure in the way she works it out.

Now that I’ve delivered, I’ve been forgiven, tell me if I’m wrong, don’t forget about me, I’ve found myself, I won’t tell anybody as much as I will show them, and I love to talk so that means major business, and I found of myself in the reflection I see in you, our LOVE bonds naturally because we both have the fruits of the love that we’ve been looking for and growing in.

So if you want to know if I give a thought about you, you want to dance with me? Girl you inspire me into new heights with your natural ability to draw my depths into your beauty!


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