About The Blogger


So this is to fulfill the requirement of letting allow you guys to come into my world to see a little bit more about you I am behind these words that you’re reading on the blog. I do want you guys to know me and to this why I’m authentic in the end of what I write.

Regardless of my name my title in my picture in my image in my I know that I paint an authentic and vivid picture of who I am inside in these blogs. In fact it is not necessarily the case if I feel like my name should suffice in this level of introduction but maybe a title.

Especially if we find common understanding on the name above every name or so from here I would more so let my role show through my title. I am the originator of the sovereign slanguage and vigilant participant of the world’s transition into the new era of unfortold opportunity.

Just call me “Vigilante”

I love writing, speaking, assisting, showing, seeing, serving, growing, loving, living, learning, singing, supporting, spittin, spending, sharing, blogging is one of the blessings of this era that allows us to truly become expressive and understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Just how the eagle is sustained through flight by the thermals the current of air rising from the waters, So do I offer my contributions of thought in writing to be able to just be able to sustain just a little bit longer, to stretch a little bit farther, to hope just a little bit higher, and if it happens a lot I’ll even be understanding of that.

Get me! V