Excellence is the Standard


Perfection is not attainable,

but if we chase perfection we might just b be able to catch excellence... “Desire and the reason why is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”

Such profound truths found in this quote about the act of giving meticulous care and attention to even the slightest details of any undertaking also known as the word Excellence.

I believe to achieve the end result of something done an excellent way something extra must be applied to that work to explode it out of the realms of that which is ordinary.

How does excellent start how do some become adults with an aptitude for excellence while others don’t? What I have done is come to a conclusion from both my present and past experiences as well as stories of those who have also been in pursuit of excellence.

What I have observed is that the characteristics of excellence have to be instilled and impressed onto you when you are in your early formative years.

Many things we pick up from our parents in our early childhood examples and if we were born into an culture where above-average ethics and commitment and results were expected, Or even a scenario when we were being taught by a teacher a tutor or a mentor who was in our lives to prepare us for a high level of achievement.

I’m going to use an example of one of one of my favorite new school artist who is a great picture of this. He tells a story of his childhood in the interaction he had with his father as he received an award that he was nominated for Best New Artist of the Year.

He recounts his strict engineer Nigerian father and the response he had when he came home with a 98% test Looking for some praise and approval from his father about how good he did.

Yet to a surprise and shock his father was not amused he said in his strong native accent, ah ah where are the other two points? go and get them and bring them to me.

And so it is when a challenge of excellence is placed on the expectations of a young child it impresses them and stays with them.

And especially when it comes from the superhero that our fathers are to us, very few things would make us happier than to be recognized and rewarded by making them proud of us.

I believe that a characteristic of excellence is a common denominator ingredient that is necessary to be applied to make success of anything.

I love going into a great restaurant where the food in the whole environment was so well tended to You could taste the extra ingredient the extra love the extra detail that was put into the preparing of the food.

From your whole experience with the restaurant from the time you open the door into the time you sit down to eat to the time you leave, You get the general sense of the rewarding satisfaction of knowing that there were no cut corners to make this restaurant experience.

Just to prove that this principle applies to every industry let’s take a look at the automobile industry, Let’s just say that some sub par manufacturer released a line of vehicles, Now they might look good they smell good but come 30 days after you buy it and the right front wheel spins off on you while on the freeway, Now let’s call a tow truck service and come out of pocket with the expenses due to the fact that every detail was not set it to the right standards on the vehicle.

These are all different examples of the roots the importance and what happens without excellence.

Stay excellent my friends

Let’s make a Love Story


I said hey what’s up girl?

Yeah I rang last night as we message I know and then you said you got up early and then coming to get back at it, And I told you that I’m right on time that I’m on time that it was a different time line but I was there and I was in the area here we are, And here we are there we do no matter what you do it’s going to get ahold of you, grab a hold on you.

Jumping onto the drum sets and feel the rhythm and move with the groove with the motion of the ocean, I can feel the rhythm of your energy and I can keep up with the tempo. Hey woman who understands what it means to find a place in flowing into the order of the household, the order of the high frequency.

If you see what is the move going forward in God, in the faithfulness of the fruitfulness which are the fullness of the freedom of the feelings we have right now.

Call the police,, call the vigilantes,, I think the reporters would find it very interesting that this major move in regards to the matters of the hearts that we have guarded for our promise and blessing for all of these years, a testament of our bodies as the temples that we have given heed to thee O Lord^ to preserve for times such as these where I can be free from the bonds of my past mistakes and negative narrow examples, including the space of time when the creator of the Universe decided to send a warrior for her people given to gifted parents who passed down a legacy onto a beacon of life named Nahla Grace, an identity in which

inbreeds a character of fierceness and and gentleness, of love and forgiveness, of pain but also of promise, of process but also progress, we can now spend time contributing into the exhilarating and exfoliating experience of sharing parallel crossroads in our lives journey.

Wow, that is a deeply refreshing place to sit and be present inside of for a minute,,

And then the instinct get to kicking in, STOP looking over your shoulder, A Soul’Jah^ is sending the reverbs to the mixer to respond the delays before the parametric EQ balances the equalizer for sustained compression as the memory on the hard drive is specifically tailored to handle the requirements for this purposeful assignment and to the degree of how deeply this plays a art and a part in the defining features of my individuality in a culture of vultures and agendafied agencies out to make a killing in the game even if there’s some killing in the game.

3 guns two bullets one shot one goes off what does it do, I’m not sure, but I am sure that I am awake, and that if I keep playing with for, I will surely get burnt, but alas the time for games was spent learning.

Somebody better help me along the way before I release on how I feel, let me loose and find myself in them before I give myself away.

Even as I already can see that we can go far far deep away into the galaxies of each others internal universe of divine likeness.

Man that girl looks good,,

She’s got class and style, I can’t stop talking about her reality and the excitement of finding simulated pleasure in the way she works it out.

Now that I’ve delivered, I’ve been forgiven, tell me if I’m wrong, don’t forget about me, I’ve found myself, I won’t tell anybody as much as I will show them, and I love to talk so that means major business, and I found of myself in the reflection I see in you, our LOVE bonds naturally because we both have the fruits of the love that we’ve been looking for and growing in.

So if you want to know if I give a thought about you, you want to dance with me? Girl you inspire me into new heights with your natural ability to draw my depths into your beauty!


The Mark of A Soul’JAh^


I’m a capturer,,,

Soul adventurer,, So goes the song soul rebel by the influential Pioneer of reggae music and enriching culture Bob Marley.

I believe when someone calls himself a soldier or a rebel that it is more of a title than a name.

Will you break down the formula of the structure of the English language you come to the understanding that there are different types of words to fit in different types of situations.

In some instances of the language you may be intending to use an adjective or maybe a verb or maybe a noun or maybe a preposition or maybe another form of the language.

When someone that has a title that I believe a title is more reflective of the characteristics of the nature of the identity, Rather than the actual substance of who the identity is.

Now coming to the conclusion it is now time to follow suit with a story of a great example of one who is not afraid which is a character trait that I would identify with a Soul’Jah^

A story that comes to mind as I was praying about a message about this topic is the story of the Prophet Jeremiah.

Then basically the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah and he assured and reminded him that before he was even born while he was in the belly, Even before he was born he was known he was called he was sent to fight he was ordained to be a prophet before God’s people above the nations..

Within Jeremiah followed with some doubts because of his age and his youth For he replied that I am just a boy I just a child how can I speak Up to power and into the nations and have influence among your people.

But the Lord said to him don’t worry don’t say that you just a child because I’m going with you and everywhere that you go I will continue with guidance with what to say and the same for what to do.

Oh and it’s just starting to get good now at this point the Lord says where every you should go I will come with thee do not be afraid of their faces I will be there to deliver you.

It was like being assured that you would be rescued from the depths,, even as deep as Davie Jones locker

And then as the story goes in the word of the Lord, the Lord put forth his hand and touched Jeremiah’s mouth and he said I put my words in your mouth.

Now from here we get into the assignments the actual part where he becomes a what I would call a soldier he said.

And at this point he let them know where he put him he’s I put you here in this position over the¬†nations and over the kingdoms then he gets into the specifics of the assignments.

After the Lord let him know where he puts him he tells him what he wants him to do and how he wants something to do it says I have sent you here to pull down to root out And to pull down and destroy and to throw down To build and to plant.

Jeremiah was in the process of realizing that his steps are ordered and his calling was solidified and becoming established To be sent out to be a cry into the ears of Jerusalem.

In conclusion as I bring this blog post into a landing and we have explored the meanings of identity and titles, and even into the process of what A soldier / Soul’Jah resonates as an identifiable aspect that we can all relate to internally..

And continue to grow from..



Let My People Go


Let My People Go……

What’s going on blog fam!

It’s in my spirit to go ahead and share a story I grew up with and to dissect it to pick a part morsels of sustenance to ponder on.

If we go back into the Old Testament of the Holy Bible in the second book of Exodus, among the other stories we will see the story of Moses and his return back to Egypt to free the children of Israel.

If you’re at all familiar with the story particularly the part after Moses descended from Mount Horeb from the burning bush, You know that Moses came back with a mission with a destiny with the purpose that he can no longer stay in his comfort zone of Midian.

One factor to take note of is that when Moses answered his call he was also equipped with the necessary help to fulfill his mission, The Almighty God had revealed to him that he would be operating with the power of miracles. But the people needed proof to believe and have faith had been in the Egyptian system of slavery for many years. So Moses reunited with his brother from birth Aaron and showed the Israelites these miracles And all the people believed that Jehovah was with them.

The Moses and Aaron got themselves together buckled up there boot straps and headed out to the palace to see Pharaoh.

And proclaimed these words that still reverberate through generations in current situations of society.

Let my people go!!!

But of course and as expected the first time pharaoh was a hard headed and stubborn man he wasn’t having it.

Pharoah was actually infuriated because of people wanted time off and went to worship Jehovah so he actually increased their workload and forced him to work harder..

And the Israelites blamed Moses…

No that’s a picture right there how you can be on course with your calling and run into some setbacks and have those around you turn against you, Even the very ones that sure purposed to help and bring to freedom.

The Jehovah said don’t worry I am in control at all times of all things and I never fail and I will make Pharaoh let my people go.

What a refreshing picture it is to trust in God to do exactly what he said that he would do by faith even when things around you does not support it in the natural sense.

Okay I’m back to the story, the refusal to comply on Pharaohs part then followed by signs and wonders Let off by the act of Aaron during down Moses is stick in it becoming a snake.

Pharaoh then called it his own wise men to use their powers and to throw down sticks to create snakes as well.God then saw it fit to reveal his superiority and his almighty power by allowing Moses’s snake to eat theirs.

This offset many other signs and wonders and miracles as well as plagues that eventually allowed the children of Israel to become free.

But that’s for another story

Take The Challenge



Greetings my people it is now time for yet another blog post. As I woke up this morning and due to circumstances that I’ve been experiencing lately, I felt it heavy in my spirit to share something about challenges and the process of overcoming them.

Maybe you are someone who values physical exercise.

You understand the process of stretching and warming up and then jogging you know calisthenics and then lifting weights.

Basically the process of putting your muscles in your physical body through pain for the gain.

Well so it is with life when we find ourselves going through a painful process to overcome challenges and difficulties.

I wish I could tell you that it would always be easy but the reality is we grow through what we go through.

I love to talk and parallels in parables in order to illustrate a point.

The relationship between life and our challenges to overcome and the weight that is added when we are in the gym.

Is the uncomfortable process of lifting weights and added resistance and struggle to grow in our strength.

I can only imagine that challenges that a company like tree removal Lansing would face to uproot a large tree.

It is also important to note that it is through our challenging and sacrificing of things that we grow to appreciate them.

How can we appreciate being strong if we’ve never been weak before.

Is it even worth the fight?

Another important factor is to discern which challenges  deserve your time and energy.

Sometimes the very things that we are fighting to keep are the things that are necessary for us to lose in order for us to grow.

However I’ve learned that sometimes when you are fighting something that is not a part of the bigger scale of things than you can really repel what you actually are truly fighting for.

Maybe you wanted to open up your own business for so long you’ve had so many creative and inspirational ideas of how to service others, Yet somehow you become so ingrained in your current life situation and in your job which offers you a comfort zone, That you never put forth the necessary effort to pursue that dream and destiny.

Besides if it were easy everyone would be doing it right?

Then sometimes we also begin fighting due to our ego we begin to create challenges were there is not to one. We begin to get wrapped up in the who looks better in the who’s more important in the how dare they do this to me in on this and I’m that in your not.

And best believe the challenges that arise from ego are always the ugliest and painful.

And even as we are facing challenges in spending our strength and becoming tired and weary I come to tell you today.

A promise that I stand firm in I promise that I believe in a promise that I want to share with you.

That they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as Eagles, They shall run and not be weary they shall walk and not faint.

In conclusion I challenge you reader to not give up on your challenges that you’re facing, And to not be fearful from future challenges, But understand why you are being challenged and allow that to fuel your passion until you are in the new stratosphere.

I Challenge you

New friends



A wise proverb once said That a man that has friends must show himself to be friendly And there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Growing up how I did I had to learn the importance of having the right people around you in your life.

It’s so easy growing up in a large family to realize that you have friends by default from your siblings.

I don’t know if you have any siblings yourself maybe have one or two or maybe 9 10 11 somewhere in the areas of myself.

I truly understand now that having the right people around you helps you to achieve mental and emotional balance.

Being able to have wise and solid counseling good advice and also to share what you learned.

But alas there is the other side of the flip side of the dark side to this equation.

When you realize that even as beneficial it is to have good people uplifting individuals in your life, the opposite is also true for destructive people who find their way into your circle of influence.

I’m sure we can all remember times grown up when our parents will tell us all don’t hang out with that kid they’re a bad influence.

There is a saying that goes something like you and your life experiences will total up to the five people that you spend the most time around.

Once we understand what is passed along and transmitted through fellowship and hanging out, we realize how very vitally important it is to be very mindful of who you invest your time in to.

I do believe that would benefit us to ask ourselves what about this person can I aspire to look up to, what about this person’s life can I learn from, What about their experiences, What are the fruits of the content of their character?

As well as questions is what can I teach them what can I add to their lives how will our interaction benefit the both of us?

Relationship Levels

It is become the case in my life that I’ve had to learn to categorize my interaction with the people around me.

There is no price tag on a valuable relationship and you cannot buy them anywhere not even a place like this!

First there are confidant’s so I’m able to be authentic and communicate on a deeper level because we understand each other for who we are.

It is said that if you find 3 confidants in your life then that’s a blessing.

Then there’s also the class of constituents, the individuals that yes they do love you but they are more so in your life for what you are about. Constituencies can be strong allies in accomplishing a task because they are on board for the same mission that you are.

Then finally there is the category of comrades. Individuals that may be in your life not necessarily for you or even for what you are for, But yet find common grounds with you because they are against what you are against.

So even as there is popular music by popular artist saying no new friends no no no haha.

We need to identify the role that we have in others lives and the role that they have in our lives.

And to cherish and prioritize and the relationships that really matter.

Stay in the loop if you found value in this post